Applications for colleges and scholarships and awards and things of that sort often involve the submission of a so-called personal essay. The guidelines for this essay often include a recommended length of about one page and perhaps a question to answer as well. These questions usually ask the applicant to describe a significant experience or someone who has had a significant influence on him. These colleges and organizations are looking for significance, it seems, even though some applications simply ask the applicant to write about "a topic of your choce." While the guidelines provided by the people in power appear very broad, most of the essays submitted to them seem to read and look rather similar. Even those whose writers win the prize, get the acceptance, whatever. We know because he have done this before. And although having people say "Yes" to you is awfully nice, we would like to note that this genre of writing could use some new things. Therefore, we would like to announce to you a series of essays written in the college application essay style, which begins now. New essays will appear when we feel like putting up new essays. The series will end when we no longer feel like putting up essays. If you would like to submit an essay, please send it to Some essays will be funny, some will be angry, some will be pathetic, some will include footnotes, others will not include footnotes, all will be real and honest. Are we suggesting that, when writing these sorts of essays, you should use footnotes, be angry, funny, serious,and include strange diagrams? Yes, we are. Be true to your art.

Bowling for Books, a true account of the only bowling alley in Toulouse, France
by Boone Spooner

Neil P., DDS: A Dental School Admissions Essay
by Ted Conrad and Ricky Opaterny